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I'm a web buccaneer specialising in front end design & development. Crystalizing ideas and transforming them into well crafted product solutions. Here you can learn a little about my design ethic, interpersonal values and check out my latest projects.

Experimentation around industry trends and adherence to web standards is a must in my eyes, staying ahead of the game and pushing expectations. Here you can witness how my style progresses as my design knowledge broadens @ KNORD.

There is quite some buzz about HTML5 & CSS3 and with the ever increasing onslaught of mobile devices the future of web apps looks bright

Need a Visual identity with a unified communication plan? Don't delay drop me a line today!

Read more about topics I think are smoking! @ Wondering what the host will send

I've been on a voyage and discovered stuff, why not set sail straight away me hearties? arrr
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A little about myself

I'm from the south west coast of England, on the edge of a national park called Dartmoor.

I've always loved shape, colour and texture. Nature is an inspiration. As we move through the coming months I look forward to the colours plus designing for emotion too!

I'm full of energy, hard work and enthusiasm. In my spare time I love to augment my knowledge of tech. improving my intercommunication skills.(I do understand people came first though!) My passion is exploring the undiscovered.

I belive strongly in the importance of good design and to quote a hero of mine "it validates and is supported by all browsers" I also have an all round knowledge of the most used web technologies. My design thinking skill-set includes:

  • Empathy
  • Optimism
  • Experimentalism
  • Collaboration
  • Interactivism

As I have continued working with the Adobe package I've learnt how to utilise unique functions from each program and how they interact with eachother. Javascript, J-Query & CSS have allowed me to implement dynamic elements into webpages.

User testing is an important part of the production process. The tasks people undertake when using something need to be analysed (UX) how information is arranged (IA) needs to be documented, as well as optimising code for accessibility (SEO) These fields help to evaluate how effective and usable things are. Employing techniques used by (CMS) allows clients to manage and update content after project completion.

My technical skills include;

When looking at social technologies the term 'Meme' appeared. Like 'genes' in biology, a Meme is a unit of cultural information and acts as a vessel for transmission. On sharing we internalize content and it becomes a part of your social identity. You become a stakeholder in the success of this content in the wider world of competitive cultural production.


Redesign to coincide with COP16 summit in mexico for a world leader in sustainable synergy;

Website: Industrial Symbiosis Institute

Developing a concept for a web portal helping tourists visiting Denmark as well as implimenting a mobile platform.

Website: Nintendo ­ Corporate Social Reponsibility

Developing a concept for a web portal helping tourists visiting Denmark as well as implimenting a mobile platform.

Website: Danish Monuments Portal

Moving on to reponsive, adaptive and flexible mobile design with pasazz

Website: TBO
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If you want to get a hold of me, whey anchor at one of the social networks and I'll get back to you just as soon as I have some spare time on my hands!